The World’s Most Expensive Apple Watch Is Here


You was able to choose between three different Apple Watch models, the Watch, the Watch Sport, and the Apple Watch Edition, but now, you have the four choice, and i don’t know if you’re ready to buy it. We were laughing at the Watch edition version, saying it costs too much for a smartwatch, but this one will make the Watch Edition looks ridiculously cheap!


The new Apple Watch will be for sale for a crazy amount of £150,000! that’s right, a freaking one hundred and  fifty thousand pounds from firebox, it is also $114,995 on brikk, OMG i can get a Ferrari with that amount! The most expensive Apple Watch is all covered with a 18K gold, and all the Watch features, but in addition, you get a whole body encrusted with diamonds. So are you rich enough to get it? and if yes, are you crazy and dumb enough to get it? i don’t think so!