The Xiaomi AmazFit Fitness Tracker comes after the Mi Band

After releasing the Mi Band fitness tracker, the newly born Chinese giant in smartphone manufacturing is releasing its second fitness tracking device, after the Mi Band, Xiaomi unveiled the AmazFit, it is not clear if it will replace the Mi Band series, or it will just be a new one.

As the picture shows, the AmazFit is a wristband that comes in two variants, one as a sports rubber band and the other can be used as a bracelet, i think that the second one will be mostly used by women. An interesting thing about the device is that you can remove the central donut shaped part and  wear it as a pendant, the AmazFit will track your steps and sleep with a battery lasting up to 10 days and that’s according to Xiaomi, the device is also IP68 certified so you can swim with it.

According to the company, the AmazFit will be available starting mid-October 2015, it will cost you just $47 (299 Yuan), first with black and white colors and then with other colors that will be introduced.