These Robogloves Will Give Patients More grip And Force To Their Hands


Do you know about ALS? no?, well do you remember the ALS Bucket challenge? i think yes, that challenge was dedicated to support the people suffering from ALS or muscular dystrophy, but this Roboglove prototype is a way better type of help, so forget about that stupid bucket.

How it works

Patient suffering from ALS find hard time to picking up stuff with their hands due to the lack of strength, that’s why a research team at Harvard University have made a glove prototype that will soon improve their gripping abilities while wearing it.


The Roboglove works by filling little water reservoirs located on every finger, the water is pumped in from another reservoir on the wrist to let the fingers  curl over to pick the wanted object. Conor Walsh, professor at Harvard’s Wyss Institute said “It’s really simple, because all you do is pressurize it and you get this nice complex motion, The
downside is, it’s that one motion all the time.” The team is still working to improve this prototype, and from now to three years, this product maybe ready for medical use.

Until than much work is going to be done to improve the device capabilities, and optimize its characteristics such as its heavy 8 pound weight.

  • Harmik Singh

    where can i buy this glove? how much is it?