These Smart Glasses Will Disable Facial Recognition Of Your Face !


Great Glasses from AVG, the company basically focusing on your PC and phone security, now cares about your facial security ! At the occasion of the MWC taking place today in Barcelona, AVG has unveiled a prototype of a new smart glasses, and it will be used to disable facial recognition, for example, your friends are taking much pictures of you, and you don’t want to be tagged of Facebook or Google Plus ? you don’t want for any kind of software to recognize your face ? these privacy glasses will do it for you !


How It Works

The glasses contains infra-red LEDs around it to mess with the filter most cameras use when taking pictures, it is simple as that, the device taking pictures can’t detect your face due to the damage caused to the pictures by the LEDs light. The product is still a prototype, and there is no plans for bringing it to the market soon, but it will surely be an interesting thing in the future.