This Anti-Smartwatch wants to give you informations via haptic feedbacks

This device wants to give you the same efficiency of a smartwatch but without having to look at it, it is called Moment, a haptic tech focused wearable that wants to bring you alarms, alerts and even navigations based on haptic feedbacks represented by gentle vibrations.

The device is able to give alarms and alerts using silent vibrations, you can also customize a limited number of smartphone notifications by defining  unique tactile rhythm for your contacts so you know who is calling without having to look at your wrist, but the best thing about Moment is the ability to give navigation directions to the wearer when walking or cycling, the device will tell you when to turn left or right via vibrations on the four corners.

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The Moment wearable comes with a seven days battery life and a scratch resistant module, the person behind this project is Shantanu Bala, an  Arizona State University graduate and his team that have created Somatic Labs, according to Bala: “As we grow, Somatic Labs can make more wearable electronic devices that interact with our sense of touch, We’re envisioning a series of devices that become further integrated into the things we wear  on a regular basis. We’re starting with a wristband, but we eventually want to make assistive and rehabilitative technologies embedded in clothing and shoes.”

This device’s potentials are great to help many people such as heavy machinery workers and maybe the blinds, if you are interested in it, Moment is available to pre-order on the Somatic Labs website for $129.