This App will give you a virtual guard when you’re walking alone

Retuning to your house after a wild night? walking alone in the streets in a late hour?  feeling insecure in the area you’re walking in? that could be dangerous, you can call a friend to talk to while waking home, but this smartphone app will give you an assistant to help you feel and be safer.

The CAMPANION App allow your to select your destination and the streets you’re passing by, then you can choose one of your family or friends member from your contact list, your chosen assistant does not have to use the app. While walking, the app will track your progress and periodically ask you “Are you OK?”, if you don’t respond by hitting a big green Yes on the screen, the App will automatically call your assistant after 15 seconds to notify him, but that’s not all, the App will also notify your friend if your headphones are taken away from the phone.

Another great feature for students, if you’re not comfortable in an area near the school or university, you can select the “I feel nervous” option, which will contact your school’s officials.

I think this app will help alot improving security, so what do you think about it? The app is available for free download from Android and iOS.