This armband translate muscle movements to text

A new device prototype is invented by a a group of researchers at Texas A&M University’s biomedical engineering department, an armband that one worn on the user’s arm, the device is able to translate his muscle’s movements and gestures into readable and heard text!

The armband is equipped with a number of sensors that can track hand and wrist gestures, it can also read electromyography signals emitted by the muscles in order decode them and send them as a text massage to a smartphone or a computer using Bluetooth. Roozbeh Jafari, associate professor of biomedical engineering said: “We decode the muscle activities we are capturing from the wrist, Some of it is coming from the fingers indirectly because if I happen to keep my fist like this versus this, the muscle activation is going to be a little different.

Maybe you’re asking what this will be used for, well, this device will be very helpful for both deaf and mute people, once worn, the mute can continue to use his usual gestures, while the device translate them into text and speech for the listener. The team is trying to pack this armband into a single smartwatch so it will be more practical and discrete, the algorithm will take advantage of the smartwatch’s speaker to emit the text as a voice message.

Jafari also said: “When you wear the system for the first time the system operates with some level of accuracy, But as you start using the system more often, the system learns from your behavior and it will adapt its own learning models to fit you.” What do you think of this device, and how do you see its future!