This Brain Implants Will Control A Robotic Arm By Just Thinking The Act


Erik Sorto is a paralyzed man, and after 13 years struggling with his disabilities, now his is able to drink his own beer! and that’s using a robotic arm controlled by his mind. This seems to be a similar project to the previous ones, a robotic arm controlled by the mind, you may have heard of this a lot, but this is a new concept, and a new realization.

The previous robotic limbs works as follow: the paralyzed person wants to move his artificial arm, he needs to imagine each step of the move to do, but with this new device created by a team of researchers from various institutes, the arm can be moved just by the “intent to move“, and that’s much more easier for the patient.

Neural chips are now implanted in a special brain area called “posterior parietal cortex” or PPC, this brain region is responsible for our intent to move, wish make the patient reaction much faster, fluid and natural. According to the researchers team, the “old” methods are sort of “delayed and jerky.”

A little example, if Erik Sorto wants to shake someone’s hand using other systems, he need to imagine each step separately, lifting his arm, extending it, grasp the other person’s hand, than shake it, but with this new invention, he need just to think about the action, and then the magic will happen! And now, and after 13 year, Erik is finally able to drink his beer by his own.

Before reaching the point of his mind independence, the patient needs to practice the wanted act many times until learning it, so it is much more complicated that we think. If you’re looking for more informations, checkout the video above.