This connected Bra promises to detect early breast cancer

A new really important wearable is being developed, the iTBra is a smart connected bra that promises to detect early signs of breast cancer, this type of cancer that is really spreading very fast can be fought with this new wearable.

the iTBra can detect signs of breast cancer without the need of mammograms or ultrasound screenings, the device/bra is packed with temperature and other sensors that once placed on the skin, could collect different types of data like woman’s circadian temperature changes, those changes and collected data will be then sent to a Bluetooth connected device like a PC or a smartphone in order to be analyzed. According to Cyrcadia Health, the company behind the iTBra, the process of measuring and analyzing data will take 12 hours, after that, the analysis result should be ready.

The iTBra is still in its prototype phase, but the device was already tested on 500 patients, and the results proved that this bra is 87% accurate, which is higher than the 83% accurate mammograms. What are your impressions about this ? Please let us know in the comment section below.