This Father gets a Cochlear tattoo on his head to support his Deaf Daughter


Gareth Hickenbottom is a very loving father from the UK who is supporting his daughter in a very beautiful way, Briar (his daughter) was born deaf which made her use a cochlear implant to help her hearing before turning three years-old. The father could not stand to see his little kid in that state, which inspired him to support her with an amazing act, the dad got a cochlear of his own permanently tattooed on his head, and the origin of this inspiration is a guy that did the same for his daughter.

When my wife Leanne told me about the guy on social media i thought it was a great idea, a show of solidarity that would give my little girl a morale boost. It seems to have done the trick,Gareth said.

It was quite painful but not as bad as a previous tattoo I’d had done on my kneecap. If anything, it was more difficult for the tattooist because of where it is. I’m not sure he’d be in a rush to do something similar in the future but I would like to say thank-you to Simple-Ink Tattoos for their work.” he added.

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At first I think Briar was quite shocked. She didn’t seem to know what to make of it. My wife told me that when I was asleep she came next to me and at one point looked to try and take the battery off my head, She often talks about how she wished all of the family had the implants and she has toy replicas that she puts on her dolls and her brother.

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