This hack Turned An Android Wear Device Into Something ‘Like’ The Apple Watch

Corbin Davenport is a developer and a smartwatch owner that was successful to turn his Android Wear smartwatch to something “like” an Apple Watch, in fact, he did’t load the iOS software on his Samsung Gear Live, but the guy brought a tiny version of the more than 20 year old operating system, the Apple Macintosh II, to his wrist!

Davenport was able to run the old Macintosh on the Samsung Gear Live, it is not a pretty look with tiny buttons, but we have to admit, good work Corbin! Last year, this developer was also able to run Windows 95 on his Samsung Gear.

Davenport said in his YouTube video:”I’m back with an Apple Macintosh II from 1987 being emulated on my Samsung Gear Live. I guess there’s more than one way to get an Apple Watch” Want to see how it looks ? check the video above