This IoT Connected Bank will shock you to stop spending money!

Stopping your spending behaviors could be very hard to do, and checking your bank account every time could be a pain in the a$$, until this connected IoT connected bank came to life.

a British tech company has unveiled Interact IoT, a connected bank that aim to control and help you with your spending habits using the internet of things, specially wearable devices, so this is how it works, using a bank grade security level, the IoT bank can connect to your smarthome devices or wearable gadgets, those latter will act depending on your money spending levels, the two first supported devices are the Pavlok wristband and the Nest’s smart thermostat.

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When using the Pavlok wristband, the device can send you a smartphone notification when you reach your money pre-defined limit, but if you go over it, the wristband will electrically shock you to make you stop, but on the Nest side, the smart thermostat will reduce your home temperature by 3 degrees if you cross your spending limits, reducing those 3 degrees could save you about $250 a year.

This platform should see the light soon, so lets wait for further updates, in the meantime, tell us if you think this is useful! The video below will more explain this project