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CES 2016: This magical gadget will scan your food and give its nutritional value

French company are doing great these couple years, first it was Withings with their Pulse smartwatch, after that, Withings has also surprised us in CES 2016 us with Thermo, a smart thermometer that change the way we measure temperature, and now another startup called DietSensor unveils a new gadget that can scan your food and reveal it nutritional value by a push of a button!

The gadget is called SCiO, it is developed by a French couple after their daughter have struggled with Diabetes, they were concerned of the meals she takes and they needed a better way to monitor the carbohydrate level in the food. The SCiO works by using near-infrared spectroscopy to determine the chemical components of the food or the drink, which means that when projecting the gadget light on the food, the device will analyze it based on the molecules unique manner of vibration as an interaction with light.

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A smartphone app is also developed to display diagrams and nutritional values of the scanned food, and since the SCiO can only analyze homogeneous meals, the app allows manual input of divers meals like sandwiches and more, the device will cost $249 while the app can be used on a subscription plan of $10 per month.

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The company has tested the SCiO in their stand at the CES 2016 with their own chosen food, so accuracy will be tested when this device comes to the public, so stay tuned for more coming informations.