This Pocket Camera Will Increase The Collision Avoidance For The Visually Impaired

This is surely not the most advanced aid for the visually impaired people, but it will surely improve their lives in a certain way. It is a pocket camera that attaches in the shirt pocket, it analyze to world around and transmit alerts when the user approaches obstacles, you may say that this already exist, but it is bringing new feature, the camera don’t continuously bother the user by transmitting alarms even when he is just standing next to a pillar, the device use time-to-collision prediction technology instead of proximity sensors to only warn you only when you’re really going to run into a pillar, a wall or any obstacle.

This camera was tested on 25 visually impaired peoples by the scientists from Massachusetts Eye and Ear and Schepens Eye Research Institute, and it tuned out that this will increase collision avoidance by about 35 percent. Check the video above to see the experiment.