This Cock Ring Will Improve Your Sex Life


We continue to hear about fitness trackers for your genitals, but this one turned out to be real, and the team is launching a campaign on Indiegogo!

There are wearable fitness trackers for almost all your body functionalities, and we have also seen a the SexFit conception to track your sex life, we never took it seriously because it was just a concept, but a real fitness tracker for your cock is really strange! but believe it or not, a crazy team has developed a plastic ring to be weared on your cock!

How it works

The ring called Lovely is made of medical-grade silicone, it comes with a stretchable material to fit all sizes, so there are no different sizes to pick from. So once you’re about to have sex, all you have to do is to wear the ring on the button of your cock (“OMG i cannot believe i’m saying this, uughhtt“), then, start to naturally enjoy your time with your partner. The silicone ring comes with a companion smartphone App that once you’re done, it will deliver your performance statistics such as your speed, your thrusting force, your score, and your burned calories. The software will also analyze your performance and bring you about 120 more sex positions you can try.


The ring comes also with an extra feature that you can choose to activate or deactivate, the device will gently vibrate to give your partner some extra pleasure, in case you need a hand with that!

The device comes with a 7 hours continuous battery life, and when you need to recharge it, just put it on its inductive charging dock.

Want to get it?

Do you really need to get this ?! in case you want it now, it will cost you $99 if you pledge it on Indiegogo, otherwise, it will cost $129 for the public.