This Smart Helmet will give you X-ray powers to see inside objects!

The Microsoft HoloLens is surely a powerful Augmented Reality device, but the Daqri Smart Helmet claims to be the most powerful augmented reality headset on the market, allowing you to see inside objects! well, that’s not exactly what it does.

The device was unveiled at the CES2016, the Daqri Smart Helmet uses thermal vision sensors, Intel’s Real Sense camera and Daqri’s augmented reality technology to project a virtual display in front of the wearer’s eyes. According to the company, this Helmet is specifically dedicated for industries and construction workers, the device aim to help them find and identify potential problems in machinery using real time provided diagrams and maps. The Helmet is packed with 360 degree array of sensors that tracks the wearer’s movement deliver high definition video.

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Daqri Smart Helmet is going to be available on the first quarter of 2016, but don’t be too excited, you will be not able to use it for your own home equipments, the device will be only there for industrial use.