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This SmartPlate Will Tell You If You’re Eating Too Much


There are plenty of smart kitchen gadgets out-there to help make your diet and control your daily meals, but all of them makes you manually log your food and then check the expected calories contained on that meal. With this new Kickstarter project, the SmartPlate will automatically detect the contained food then transmit the data on a dedicated smartphone Android and iOS App.


The SmartPlate comes with three digital cameras and features image recognition technology to analyze your food and even give your its weight, the App then gives you the food content such as protein, calories, sugar and more.. The plate also feature Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to sync and share your data to the cloud.

According to kickstarter, the Plate Android and iOS App also integrates with most of wearable devices and fitness trackers, giving you the picture from one centralized location. The SmartPlate will cost you $149 if you’re a project backer and $229 if you want to get it later. Check the video below for more info about the plate.