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This Sweat sensor could change how wearables work!

Wearable devices and specially fitness trackers are working very hard to bring the accuracy into your health data, most of the fitness devices works by tracking your movements and estimating your burned calories and more, but this new sensor from UC Berkeley could change the way wearables works, the device is a sweat sensor that can tell your fitness data by sampling your sweat.

The new sensor (that is still in the researching and prototyping steps) can give precious factors like body temperature, dehydration and fatigue level, those important metrics are not detected or precisely given by ordinary fitness trackers, but by analyzing biochemicals found in sweat, those data could be easily tracked to give a detailed report about the user’s health.

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According to Ali Javey, the study’s principal investigator: “Human sweat contains physiologically rich information, thus making it an attractive body fluid for non-invasive wearable sensors… However, sweat is complex and it is necessary to measure multiple targets to extract meaningful information about your state of health. In this regard, we have developed a fully integrated system that simultaneously and selectively measures multiple sweat analytes, and wirelessly transmits the processed data to a smartphone. Our work presents a technology platform for sweat-based health monitors.

This sensor can be also used in medical devices to help with illness diagnosis, you can check the video below for more info.