This temporary tech tattoo will track facial expressions and more!

Tech tattoos are beginning to be a thing, we think that the future will bring a lot of them, we have already covered some tech tattoos like the microsoft metallic tattoo and the other fitness tracking tattoo, and now, the Tel Aviv University has developed a nano-tech tattoo that can be worn on your face.

So what this is for, according to Professor Yael Hanein, the nano device can measure muscle and nerve cells activities of the wearer through his day, the collected data can give information about emotional states and reactions to different situations, this is done using a carbon electrode and a conductive polymer coating to boost the performance when on the user’s skin.

Professor Yael Hanein said: “The ability to identify and map people’s emotions has many potential uses, Advertisers, pollsters, media professionals, and others — all want to test people’s reactions to various products and situations. Researchers worldwide are trying to develop methods for mapping emotions by analyzing facial expressions, mostly via photos and smart software. But our skin electrode provides a more direct and convenient solution.

This tattoo could be also used to treat neuro-degenerative diseases, it can also be used to help those suffering from brain or stroke injuries to improve their muscle control.