This VR Addon Will Make You Smell Your Game !

Virtual Reality mainly focuses on immersing you in a 3D world that you can see only through your eyes, but this new gadget is a VR add-on that will let you smell your games ! Mounted on your face, the new Feelreal gadget is going to make your nose and skin feel the VR world, the device is a battery powered Bluetooth device that will blow heated or cooled air into your face depending on your game area, so if you are inside the fires, you will feel the heat, also, the device can pump seven scents to immerse you more, by wearing it, you will be able to smell Ocean, fire, jungle, grass, powder, flowers and metal, but unfortunately no food 🙁 , and that’s not all, the FealReal gadget can even spray some water if you want to feel a waterfall..  Checkout the video !