This Wearable Leg Brace Can Power An Artificial Heart By Taking a Walk



Wearable devices and technology serve in many ways, tracking your activity and fitness to making your payments and more, but this leg brace can do much more useful things, a team of students from Rice University are creating a device that can generate energy and wireless electricity to be used by an artificial implanted heart!

The new device is a medical leg brace which is provided with an attached motor, the motor can generate power through the walking movement, so every time the user  bends his knee, energy is produced. The final goal is to make this energy power an artificial heart by just walking, but until now, the team was able to convert this energy to electricity that can be directly stored in a lithium-ion battery, and hopefully in the future, the researchers will be able to wirelessly transmit electricity to artificial hearts.

According to the team, the main challenge was to make the leg brace more wearable, comfortable and light weight in order to be wear for long periods. What do you think this will help for in addition of powering artificial hearts ? Leave your opinions in the comment section.