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Thync, a Mood-changing Wearable To Relieve Stress


Stress is taking over our lives, work, family issues, daily problems, all of this is increasing our stress level. I think this is because of our life style, everyone is in rush to complete his daily tasks, and almost no one is thinking to go away and enjoy nature with a calm mind, well, Thync thought about all of this by bringing a new king of wearable device to relieve your daily stress, so, how is that?!

How it works

Thync project was unveiled earlier this year at the CES 2015 with a prototype promising a new way to make the stress go away, and now, the company is about to bring the wearable gadget to the markets. Thync will be worn on the user’s head by comfortably sticking to the skin, then bringing neurosignals to change your mood, of course to the better!


According to the team behind the device, Thync works “by delivering neurosignaling waveforms to the brain along known neural pathways, you have an ability to tune the balance of brain activity between relaxation and arousal or attention circuits.” and like most of the wearables, a companion app is there to control the device.

So once stressed or feeling bad, you need to wear the device on your forehead, then bring up your smartphone app to activate it, Thync wearable will either relax you at that moment or revitalize you for an hour with “carry-over impacts” that lasts for several more hours.

Want to get it?!

Well, if you’re ready to spend $299 to control and releive your stress, and maybe quit drinking beer or coffee for that same goal, then, Thync might be your saver!