Timex Metropolitan+ Smartwatch, all you need to know

We were busy of the big hype coming from the new flagships smartwatches, the Gear S2, the second gen of the Moto 30, the Huawei Watch and more devices, but we truly have to stop by this very beautiful and original smartwatch, the Timex Metropolitan+, so here is all you need to know about it.

The Metropolitan+ is basically an ordinary watch with some smart features, no touchscreen and no specific smart OS running, the device comes with an analog watch face that tells you time, and tells you about your activity progress. So lets explain it a little bit, the Timex smartwatch does not contain a GPS, neither a heart rate monitor, but it can track your steps, walked distances and the percentage of your steps and distance goals, the watch face contains two small dials that can tell you about your daily progress by switching to “S”: Step mode, “D”: walked distance, “B”: Bluetooth sync mode and Off mode.

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When turning the Bluetooth mode ON, your date will be synced to the smartphone app, the app can then estimate your burned calories based on your tracked activities, so, you only need Bluetooth when connecting to your smartphone, which will endorse the long lasting battery life, and we mean very long, according to Timex, the battery can last for more than a year. The Metropolitan+ comes with both an Android and an iOS app that manage your activity data.

Timex Metropolitan+

A stylish smartwatch that blends the functionality of an activity tracking band with the look and feel of a traditional analog watch.

$125.32 $175.00



The Metropolitan+ smartwatch, or maybe half smart is very convenient for those who just want basic fitness functionalities on a beautiful ordinary looking watch, with a great price, you can choose to go with the polished silver or matte black model, they are both available on Amazon, you can easily exchange the bracelets thanks to a quick release mechanism.