Timex Tease the Upcoming Metropolitan+ Smartwatch

If you have noticed, smartwatches are being released in two main variants, analog based and digital based devices, generally, the already existing watch manufacturer like Helvetica are making the Analog classy ones, and tech giants like Samsung, Motorola and Apple are making new designs with a very powerful software, hoping to attract us to their devices.

Timex is on the Analog side, with their newly teased smartwatch called Metropolitan+, the company want to keep a classy analog design and bring fitness tracking features to the user, and with that pretty design on the picture below, they can do it! The Metropolitan+ Smartwatch will track your walked steps and distances, burned calories and slept hours, the device is equipped with two crowns on the side along with two dials on the watch face, the dials will show your daily progress without having to open the companion Android or iOS app.


So if you think you’ll be satisfied enough with an activity tracker that looks great as a time piece, and if you think you don’t need some Google services on Android Wear, the Metropolitan+ might be your next purchase, no price or release date are yet communicated, but the device will be there at the end of this year.