Top Wearable Tech Gadgets Under $50

You may still not convinced with wearing an activity tracker or a smartwatch, you might think that spending about $300 for a smartwatch or over $100 for a fitness tracker can be uncomfortable, specially if you’re new to this kind of gadgets, this is why we’re bringing the top wearable tech gadgets list under $50 .



Fitmotion Activity Tracker



This is probably the best alternative for an expensive fitness tracker like the Jawbone or the Fitbit products, the Fitmotion is a wristband with a watch shaped design that track your basic activities like walked steps, burned calories and slept hours. The device sync to a companion Android and iOS app via bluetooth, so you will not have to plug an annoying cable every time, and it you want to display your progress, just tap the round display to get time and goals achievements.

The Fitmotion is also waterproof, and the great thing is the battery life of a whole 4 months, the battery should be then replaced with the one provided on the package. The device is now 27% off so you can get it even under $40 price!


MOOV Smart Coach and Fitness Tracker


This was basically an expensive one, but it is now is on sale, that’s why it comes second on this list, in term of design, accuracy and performance, the Moov fitness tracker is the best and it is not like other devices! the device mainly focuses on motivation and coaching beside tracking activities, its modular design allows it to be worn both on your wrist or ankle. Moov comes with different apps for Android and iOS, for running and walking, swimming, cycling and cardio boxing, so if you want to track your walking or running, you better wear it on your ankle for more accuracy, and if you’re more into swimming or boxing, your wrist will be much more useful.

This tracker is based on coaching, which means that the app will give you instructions and goals for improvements based on your performance, but here is the downside, for these coaching features, you have to run with your phone in order to listen to your coach, and you’ll maybe need your headphones, the device also use your phone’s GPS for more accuracy, if you don’t mind! The Moov is surely one of the best, it was costing big money ($199.99) but now the price is dropped under 50$, and that’s thanks to the new Moov Now releasing, you can get it before it returns to the regular price.


JAWBONE Up Move Activity Tracker


The Jawbone name is not a strange flag when it comes to fitness trackers, and this is one of them, the JAWBONE Up Move was one of the first products to be released by the company, and it was successful due to its low price and good performance. The device can be clipped into your clothes or worn on your wrist (via an extra strap) to track steps, exercise, calories burned, hours slept and quality of sleep.

The device also comes with its companions Android and iOS apps to give you stats about your day, and that’s when syncing it via Bluetooth, the small UP comes in a variety of colors and it is also on promotion, you can get it with a great price.


Misfit Flash


this is almost the lowest price you can enjoy for a good fitness tracker, Misfit found its way to the wearable tech world through the Misfit Flash fitness and sleep monitor, the device tracks walking, running, cycling and more, it is up to 30 meters water resistant. Once worn around your wrist, the Misfit can show your daily progress through the halo of 12 LED lights on its round face, you just need to press it.

The comfortable soft touch materials makes it almost not sensed on your wrist whether active or sleeping, the Misfit Flash also syncs to your Android or iOS device using Bluetooth, and the replaceable battery will let you enjoy 6 months of battery life without the need to recharge it, the device comes with a plenty of color options to satisfy all the tastes, and it is the cheapest one on this list.

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Otium One Smartwatch




It is really a little hard to find a smartwatch that cost under $50, delivering notifications from your phone, tracking your activities and wearing a good design all at the same time, with less that $50, yup that exist (kind of), and it is the Otium One Smartwatch. The device looks good for its price, and it has a casing design that looks a lot like an Apple Watch, (no offence Apple), the Otium is compatible both with Android and iOS devices and it strangely comes with plenty of feature for that price.

The Otium smartwatch will display phone notifications like the called ID, SMS, Calendar and your favorite apps, the device is equipped with a 1.54 inch TFT LCD touch screen with 240×240 pixels, and guess what, the device is also equipped with NFC and a SIM card slot, which makes it able to operate as a standalone phone by making calls and sending SMS directly from the wrist. But the watch is not water proof, so take it off before swimming or taking a shower.

Otium smartwatch also tracks your walked steps and slept hours and streams musing to your wirelless headphones using its music player, this device had a higher price, but now it is your chance to get it for under $40. it actually looks as a cheap designed watch, but it does much more than it costs.


June UV monitoring wearable


UV stands for Ultra Violet, and yes, this jewelry tech gadget is dedicated for monitoring your exposure the UV and protect you from the sun, as you can tell from the design, the device is more aimed for women use. June measures your UV exposure throughout the day to notify and advise you on your smartphone on how to protect yourself from the sun. Unfortunately the device works only on iOS, no Android app is available.

June UV is available in three colors, platinum, gold and gunmetal and it is now on sale for a lower price. So if you’re living in a sunny place, and if you feel like this is useful for you, you can try it!

Have some gadgets to add to this list ? feel free to tell us on the comment section.