TouchOne Keyboard will make smartwatch typing a lot easier

Smartwatches are beginning to see the success they were looking for, but there are still some unsolved issues or lets call them weaknesses, one of them is replying and sending text messages, it is a very difficult task on such a small screen, well, TouchOne Keyboard is offering an easier way to make such interaction.

TouchOne Keyboard is a new way of typing, the keyboard will be released as a smartwatch app on Android Wear, Apple WatchOS and Tizen, the new experience is a little similar to the T9 old keyboards, the letters are grouped under 8 groups that form a round or a square ring around the smartwatch depending on its shape, once you tap a group of letters, the keyboard will predict the word and give you different suggestions to choose from with just one tap, cool right? but wait for it!

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The problem with this project is that Android Wear and WatchOS does not support third party keyboards, which made the team develop an SMS messaging app to use the keyboard, and while waiting for the support of the biggest wearable platforms, the TouchOne Keyboard has recently won the CeBIT Australia startup pitchfest prize. The project is waiting for your pledges on kickstarter.