TQKA Bluetooth Earbuds Review

Lately I’ve been reviewing several wireless earbuds, and I was looking for a budget one to be my daily carry or my workout one, and this is a new one that sells for under 25$, it is the Tqka bluetooth earbuds, and I’m going to tell you if it is worth getting.

So TQKA makes good battery packs, and it happens that they also make wireless headphones, so I’ve grabbed this one to play around with it, the company claims good sound, an 8 hours battery life, and a waterproof body, that sounds good for 25$, but how do they stuck in real life, specially in term of comfort, daily use, making sport activities and of course sound.

Unboxing and Design

The device comes in a standard card box, nothing fancy here, you get some paperwork, some extra eartips, a short USB charging cable, and the earbuds. as far as design goes, these are pretty good looking earbuds for the price, they are made of plastic, but they are nicely molded.

This soft plastic part wraps around the ear to secure the device, which makes it hard for them to fall down, and despite these big earpieces, the devices is still very lightweight and I think they could have been smaller.

On the right upper side you get the volume buttons which also skip songs, and the power slash pause slash picking up calls button, the bottons placement is easy to reach and I tend to prefer it over the inline ones. On the bottom there is the mini USB charging port, and the microphone on the inside for your phone calls. And speaking about calls, you can double click the power button to redial your last number. You get a small LED light that indicates the device’s status from connecting to charging.

this design makes it easy for you to run and make sport activities since these silicon parts wrap around your ears to secure the eabuds and since they also remove Some weight from the ears.

TQKA Earbuds Sound and Features

TQKA earbuds

there is not really any unusual features, but for this price waterproofing should be enough, the TQKA bluetooth earbuds is IP67 Certified so you can submerge it under water, but not for long time or in a deep areas.

Let’s get to the most important part, sound quality, well here is what you get, there is a good bass amount coming from these, but that comes for a price, the sound seems compressed which sacrifice some frequencies. these guys are really loud so if you prefer damaging your ears with this high volume you will remark some obvious sound distortion that I think you will not appreciate when listening at maximum volume. generally Speaking the sound coming from these is just decent for the price. Clear mids, an ok bass and good highs of you’re not on max volume.

Tqka Bluetooth Earbuds

Tqka Bluetooth wireless sports headphones feature sweatproof and rainproof!

$22.99 $59.99

I was using these earbuds for several days and I can l tell that battery life is something I appreciate for the price, since it can last for about 7 hours on a single charge, and that’s after about 2 hours of recharging time.

Bottom line

So for this very affordable price, you get a decent sound, don’t expect to be blown away by it, but you get the bang for your bucks, the design is not the best, but the lightweight, the device stability on the ears and the pretty good battery life makes up for it.

So I can say that the TQKA bluetooth earbuds come at the same level as other devices with the same price, such as the Magneto, so your purchase decision will be based on design and usability whether you’re intending to use them at the gym, transit or work.. for working out, I recommend these since they don’t easily fall down and since they can work in a rainy or a sweaty day.

So this was my review of the TQKA Bluetooth earbuds, leave you thoughts on the comment section!

7.6 Total Score
Great for the Price!

Quality for the Price
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