Triggerfish is the smart contact lens that prevents Glaucoma

Wearing electronics inside your eyes could be not that comfortable, but when it is dedicated for preventing glaucoma, the disease that could lead to blindness, eye smart contact lens could be a comfortable and convenient solution. Sensimed, a Swiss startup is working on is kind of contact lenses.

After getting the agreement from the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration), the startup is now more confident about its project, the smart contact lens is called Triggerfish, and it can be worn by adults older than 22 years, the device is made from soft silicone and embedded with a micro-sensor that will measure intra-ocular pressure changes (IOP), a circular antenna around the eye will then collect those data and send them to a wireless device using Bluetooth, this wireless machine could be your doctor’s computer. This latter will regularly analyze these data in order to detect and prevent potential damage of the eye.

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According to the new company, the Triggerfish can be worn for 24 hours a day, which means that you can sleep with it. Sensimed is not the first company focusing smart lenses, Google is also working on its own smart lens that focuses on diabetics to detect and monitor blood glucose levels.