TruPosture will help you sit straight and reduce back pain

Back pain is fastly spreading due to our job’s nature, staying in your chair all day can cause big issues with your back like spine deformation and serious back pain, which can also lead to surgery, well, i’m one of those suffering from an 8 hours chair!

A protective solution is out there to help us sit straight and avoid back pain, TruPosture is a new project launched on indiegogo to promise a better posture while working or even lying down, the new medical gadget is a sleeveless shirt that contains a wire attached down to the backside, the wire is equipped with nano-sensors that will track your posture and check if you’re sitting straight, if not, it will vibrate to notify and remind you to get back to your healthy posture.


The device/shirt comes with a free Android, iOS and Windows Phone app that allows you to configure your perfect and comfortable posture and get notifications based on it, the app also let you define your sitting, standing, and stretching positions, so if you lean back too far or slump forward too much, you will receive the vibrations exactly on the right spot of your spine to tell you where you’re acting wrong.

If you want to get it as an early customer, you can pledge the sweat resistant breathable lycra material shirt for $149.