UK Startup Creates Custom 3D Printed Bionic Arm For Less Than £1,000


Bionic organs are being more and more developed in order to reach perfection, many constrains are presented like the cost, the weight and the used materials.. But with this new 3D printed bionic arm, the future of bionic organs will be surely better.

A UK startup company called Open Bionics has successfully created a new bionic hand that will cost less than £1.000, a big cost difference when comparing it to the usual organs that costs between £20.000 and £10.000. The new arm is a custom one that can be built to fit the apmutee, and that’s using 3D printing, the technology also helped to build light weight arms that goes half the weight of the usual ones.

Samantha Payne, chief operating officer at Open Bionics said: “We wanted to make a bionic hand that wasn’t trying to pretend to be a human hand, we wanted to make something that was better and more fashionable and more daring.

The new 3D printed arm was successfully tested on a little amputee girl to change her life, you can check the video below.