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Virtual Reality Cycling – This System Will Change Your Spinning Classes

A new exploitation that will be very useful for spinners, an Italian team has made a new interesting product that will get you into virtual reality cycling and let you make your spinning classes from home using your usual bike combined with the Oculus Rift.


Once your virtual reality headset is weared, you can put your bike on the Widerun, which is a station that will hold it on the same place. Then, the Oculus Rift will give you the outdoor environment in which you can select where to ride, you can be riding on the streets of LA, Tokyo, or many other places in the world, the platform comes with lot of choices that can be purchased. The Widerun’s docking station will simulate your speed, resistance effects and many data from your virtual world, the system also works perfecty with the Samsung Gear VR headset in case you own one. You can check the interesting video below.

This project is now raising funds on kickstarter in case you want to pledge it and get your device shipped on April 2015.