Vuzix Unveil The IWear 720 VR Headset


There are plenty of VR headsets unveiled these past days, and now, it is the turn of Vuzix to unveil their own “more than a VR headset” called the Vuzix IWear 720. The new VR gadget feature more functionnalities compared to a normal VR headset, beside of the ability to immerse you into a virtual reality world, the Vuzix IWear 720 supports almost any device that has an HDMI port like your PC or smartphone, which means that you can watch 2D and 3D movies or play games directly from your computer and consoles, great features right !


Like its name indicate, the Vuzix IWear 720 come with a 720p dual HD display, that can emulate a 130 inch screen in front of you, and like shown in the picture, the device contains an integrated headphone that cover your ears, and support motion tracking, also, the company gives you an option to choose whether you want to get an augmented reality camera as an extra feature.

The GDC 2015 is around the corner so you check for latest gaming products.