Wena Wrist, the unique upcoming Sony Smartwatch


Sony is struggling to stay in the tech innovation course, that’s why the company is trying harder to bring innovative products like its recently planned smartwatch called the Wena Wrist.

Like its name indicate, the Wena Wrist will pack all the tech and sensors in the wristband area, leaving the watch case cleaner and more apt to accept beautiful designs, which made the watch face looks more like a traditional time piece, and that’s something that you may prefer. One of the important features of the watch is the RFID contactless payment system that uses FeliCa technology, the watch will let you make payments from your wrist, and as additional features, the Wena Wrist will track your daily activities and show your statistics on an iOS dedicated App, yup, just an iOS one, i don’t know why!


And for delivering notifications, The Wena Wrist does not want to distract you, a customizable colored LED will blink with your chosen colors to tell if it is an email, a call, a facebook notification or other things, the smartwatch will also vibrate to notify you.

If you like the concept of this watch, you can participate in crowd-funding it on First Flight and get one in the expected shipping date, March 2016, it will cost between $330 and $575 depending on the model.


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