What To Expect From The “spring forward” Presentation Event: Apple Watch


We are counting down just two days from the Apple watch launch planned on 9th March, at the occasion of the “spring forward” presentation, the company will unveil the final Apple Watch smartwatch version that should be available for consumers, and here are the specs, design, and price expectations.

The Apple watch will be available in a whole 22 variant, 12 basic designed watches called Apple Watch and they will be different in size and color, 5 Apple Sport Watch, for those who prefer a sporty look, and 5 Apple Watch edition, and they will contain premium design like the previously mentioned 18 karat rose gold watch, so users will have a large field of choices. The Apple watch display’s resolution will vary depending on the smaller or bigger device, the 38mm version is equipped with a 340 x 272 pixels display, while the bigger 42mm version is equipped with a 390 x 312 pixels display.


Coming to the price, the company only mentioned a $349 base price when first unveiled the Apple Watch in September, and this price will probably get you the sport version, these ones are made with leather and plastic rubber bands, and that’s why they cost less, and for the Aluminum and stainless steel made watches, you will be pushed to give away extra several hundreds of dollars, and that’s not all for price, the gold version should be very expensive, Apple said that it will be a limited number of them: “The Apple Watch Edition”, and the price will be really shocking because it can even reach some thousands of dollars !


If you get the Sport watch, you will have the option the switch between straps and customize your wrist look, and this features will be probably and only available for the Sport Edition. Another important thing for you, it is the battery life, the company has not mentioned an exact battery capacity, but Apple said that the device is provided with a Power Reserve feature that will let you be juiced up for a longer time.

While waiting for event for more details from Apple, i can mention that the device is expected to ship in April 2015, stay tuned !