You will be able to boost your brain with a Cyborg Chips!


DARPA is one of the big organizations and companies to push the transhumanism to its limits, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has recently announced that it is working on electrodes that can be installed in the human brain to improve the memory and allow paralyzed people with prosthetic arms to experience the sense of touch again!

Justin Sanchez, the biomedical engineering project manager in DARPA said: “Everyone has had the experience of struggling to remember long lists of items or complicated directions to get somewhere, today we are discovering how implantable neuro-technologies can facilitate the brain’s performance of these functions.” This project will be basically aimed for paralyzed people, that’s why an experiment was made on a 28 year old paralyzed man trying to bring him back the touch sense. Electrodes were installed in the motor cortex of his robotic arms, and when his bionic fingers were pressed, an electrical signal was generated to give him the sens of touch, and he felt it!

this work shows the potential for seamless bio-technological restoration of near-natural function.

Sanchez said: “We’ve completed the circuit,By wiring a sense of touch from a mechanical hand directly into the brain, this work shows the potential for seamless bio-technological restoration of near-natural function.” And what about improving memory? DARPA has made another experiment on human volunteers that are already going for brain surgery, an electrode was implanted to them where “declarative memory” is formed to track how memories are formed, and with some extra electrical stimulation, DARPA said that this has improved their memory performance, the project is called Restoring Active Memory, or RAM.

The project also aims to understand how physical skills are learned based on the physiological ‘replaying’ of practice in neural system to improve the memory, something that will make us go further in this subject that looks like science fiction, something that will open the doors to crazy things like instantly speaking foreign languages or playing musical instrument once implanted with a Cyborg chip.

For those who are not familiar with the term Cyborg, it is a short word to describe the term cybernetic organism, an organism that describes being both organic and biomechatronic parts.