Your next fitness tracker will be a tech tattoo

Sooner or later, we might be forgetting about bracelets and wristbands wearables, Chaotic Moon has recently showed another way of tracking your activities and measuring your vital signals, and that’s by pressing a tech tattoo to your skin!

The small tattoo contains a number of sensors that are connected together using electro-conductive ink, once attached to your skin, the Tech Tat will begin measuring your body’s activities such as temperature and more vital signs. According to Chaotic Moon, these sensors will be useful to monitor soldiers states and health when in the battlefield, it could be also useful to monitor kid’s health, and of course, as a fitness tracker for the public.

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The small tattoo device works with Bluetooth to communicate with your smartphone, which means that it needs a battery to work, according to the video above, an arm attached battery is used to power the tattoo, well, this should be optimized, The company is in the communication step to find the best partner to bring this tattoos to the markets.