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Zipperbot, The First Robot Zipper !

You may will wear your vest using technology in the near future, Adam Whiton who just received his Ph.D from MIT’s Personal Robots group has invented a robotics zipper that can zip itself up ! The Zipperbot uses optical sensors to properly mesh the zipper teeth and motion sensors to zip and unzip at the right time. Whiton is now is working mainly on mixing robots with fashion.

The creator said: “As robots become more and more sophisticated and work more closely with people, robots will need to understand social signaling which of course includes understanding fashion and sartorial cues,” “Robots should understand simple differences like formal business attire versus casual in order to give context to an interaction or something more complex like the act of loosening a tie, which might indicate relaxation.”

Beside of fashion, this invention will be a great way to help the physically impaired poeple to get dressed, this can be upgraded in various ways to make their lives easier. Checkout the video to see how this Zipperbot works !