Zubie Smart Key Review: The Car Data Collector

This in not a device to wear yourself, but why not make your car wear a tech useful device, this is the Zubie Key Smart Driving Assistant review. The Zubie Key driving assistant is a small gadget that plugs into your car’s On-Board Diagnostics OBD connector, which is a standard linking interface that was introduced in 1996, and now, every car is equipped with the OBD plug that mainly serv for car diagnosis. Once plugged to your car, the Zubie Key will sync with your smartphone to give you informations about your car’s engine problems and health in real time, than improve your driving habits, which will let you discover and prevent costly car problems. cool right ?! The delivered informations will be displayed on your Android or iOS devices thanks to a dedicated Zubie App.


The Zubie is a small device that contains an OBD-II port, it is made of plastic and it is very easy to plug on your car, all you have to do is to find your car’s OBD port, and the rest is more than simple. After plugging it, you have to enter your car’s VIN number and set the activation code provided by the device, now, all you have to manage is the software contained on the iOS rr Android free App, and that’s where the magic happens !



Once on your trip, the App will record your road trip and show it on a map, you can find not only your traveled distance, but you will get an idea about your driving performance during that time such as speed, amount of time spent idling, and any hard braking or acceleration and also when you have shut down your engine,  then, the App will give a driving scores based on your performance, the software is very ideal thinking that you’re Schumacher ! but anyway, you will have a precise idea on how you’re acting on the road, which will make you improve your driving habits in order to improve car’s engine health and gas consumption.

The device also bring very useful informations about your car’s engine state, you can check your battery state and whether the fuel system or oxygen sensor are operating normally. Great and useful to prevent stucking with a broken engine in the middle of nowhere. Maybe the only missing thing is that the device does not give you informations about the car’s fuel economy.


The other very cool feature can’t be denied, the Zubie Smart Key will even allow you to track your kid’s driving when you give them your car ! with the geofencing feature you can track you teenage kid or relative’s location using the App and the GPS, maybe your kid made a bad hard breaking, the App will inform you about all that ! In addition, you can indicate a circular boundary on your favorite location, and if your kid is out of that location, the app will pop up an alert, it also locate friends and family who are on the road, and let you receive alerts when they arrive or depart from a common locations.



Many Car driving assistants are out there on the market, but the Zubie Smart Key come with almost the same price, and with more features and installation ease, the device may miss to have a web interface, but your iOS and Android App are very satisfying, specially knowing that some competitors comes only with an iOS App, and don’t give you your engine health state such as the Automatic Car Link. Wanna enjoy your trip and prevent your car’s engine problems, just hit that Amazon Button and get it. It is the best out there.

8.3 Total Score
Excellent Features !

Compared to its competitors, the Zubie key will bring you a full experience

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